Case Study - Fremont County BOCES Health Industry Partnership

Meeting Healthcare Workforce Needs in Fremont County, Wyoming

In 2009, local healthcare institutions in Fremont County came together to solve a common and persistent problem: high turnover of one of the most critical, yet often overlooked, occupations to good patient care: Certified Nurses Assistants. The problem? It is a two-fold one: the healthcare industry faces a chronic shortage of trained certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and trained CNAs don’t stay in the job. The nursing issue is so profound in Wyoming that the Wyoming Department of Employment, Research and Planning conducted a series of studies in 2008 at the behest of the Wyoming Healthcare Commission to document the issue. Local employers and other stakeholders decided to tackle the issue head-on in their region.

The Health Industry Partnership (HIP) represents the outcome of those early discussions. Seed funding from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services for a planning grant in 2009 identified the core issues and generated accurate data, particularly related to Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), to design several related workforce training solutions. The HIP received an implementation grant from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services in 2010 to execute the solutions identified by the HIP. The HIP primarily focuses its efforts in Fremont County and the adjoining Wind River Indian Reservation.

HIP’s goal: Fuel the healthcare pipeline by forming partnerships to share information, ideas, programs and funding to stabilize and strengthen the state workforce. Initiatives will improve the quality of health care in Wyoming through incumbent job training, career awareness, and mentoring activities.

A detailed profile of the partnership and its activities is available here. This powerpoint presentation also describes the partnership and its evolution.

Additional Related Materials

Data: Data on healthcare industry provided by the Research and Planning Division.


The program's career pathway document describes specific steps to advanced CNA training.

Orientation agenda for a CNA training course.

Two issues of a newsletter for industry partnership stakeholders. (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011)

Proposal: The industry partnership received a planning grant from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services in 2009 and an implementation grant in 2010. Here is their original proposal which led to the funding.