Case Study: Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Partnerships

Strengthen the Nursing Workforce in Wyoming

The dramatic and chronic nursing workforce shortage facing the nation is no surprise. What is surprising is the kind of impact a committed group of stakeholders can have in the face of this issue, and the Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Partnerships (WCNHCP) is one of Wyoming’s best examples. Initially started from conversations in 2004 at a summit about nursing workforce issues, the partnership has grown into a tight-knit but extensive stakeholder group undertaking many extensive efforts to improve the state’s nursing workforce.

The Mission
To strengthen the nursing workforce through ongoing collaboration, communication, and consensus building to meet the health needs of the people of Wyoming.

The overall goal of this Industry Partnership is improving nursing workforce development, recruitment and retention in the State of Wyoming through a collaborative industry partnership, including hospitals and long-term care facilities employers, nursing educational programs, nursing and other professional organizations, state organizations, and workforce service and economic development officials. WCNHCP in its current format has been in existence since early 2009.

The activities of the WCNHCP include exploring ways to redesign nursing education in Wyoming, developing and implementing a media campaign targeting junior high school students, and enhancing leadership development for nurses. This collaboration of key stakeholders, including employers, educational programs and economic development and workforce services, can effect systematic change in educational and health care organizations, streamlining educational development and enhancing nursing workforce environments in Wyoming.

A detailed profile of the partnership and its activities is available here. This powerpoint presentation also describes the partnership and its evolution.

Additional Related Materials

Satisfaction Survey: The partnership conducted a survey of members to assess satisfaction with project progress and board functioning.

Products: The partnership has three major goal areas: Career awareness, transforming nursing eduction, and nursing leadership/professional development. Sample products from each are included below.

Career Awareness: The partnership launched a media contest open to all 7th and 8th graders in Wyoming to promote nursing as a career choice. Contestants had to design a radio advertisement and poster. WCNHCP and media partner Warehouse 21, along with online voting, selected the winning design. As the prize winner, Tongue River Middle school students traveled to the media partner’s site to record the advertisement and worked with a graphic designer to create the final poster. To raise awareness, 2 copies of the poster were sent to every middle school in the state and over 2,000 radio spots were broadcast.

Press release about winner
Winning poster
Radio Spot

Transforming Nursing Education: Activites in support of this goal have included annual summits and a literature review.

2010 Summit brochure and description
2011 Summit brochure
Literature review

Nursing Leadership/Professional Development: The partnership is leading an institute consisting of four sessions that gives nursing leaders the critical leadership skills required to lead today’s healthcare organizations.

Nursing Leadership Institute brochure

Communication: Sample newsletter and article for the Wyoming State Board of Nursing.

Proposal: The industry partnership received an implemention grant from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services in 2009. Here is their original proposal which led to the funding.