Sample Agenda for First Partnership Meeting

Recommended 3 to 4 hours, include Breakfast or Lunch.


  • Use employers to assist with welcome, introductions
  • Getting Up to Speed
  • (Re)Introduction to the Concept of Sector Partnerships
  • What a Sector Partnership Can Do for You
  • Road Map
  • Rationale for Focus on Target Industry
  • Since our last communication… present results of secondary data collection, including one-on-one interviews and Roundtable

Issues Identification

  • Fleshing out the Issues identified up until now
  • Thoughts, Omissions, Additions?
  • What does each of them mean?
  • Are they the rallying points for employers?

Prioritizing Issues

  • For each issue, compare importance and feasibility
  • By consensus, select top priorities for focus

Introduction to Strategic Planning Process

  • Discuss Partnership Infrastructure
  • Introduce strategic planning process concepts
  • Begin work on Priority Issue Areas in breakout groups

Immediate Next Steps and Responsibilities

  • In-between now and next meeting activities, including clarifying issue areas, challenges and barriers, and identifying preliminary suggestions

Next Meeting Date/Agenda

  • Activities of next meeting should include time for small groups to “polish” findings, and present clarification of issues, challenges
  • Partnership Infrastructure Decisions
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