Sample Memorandum of Agreement Categories

The purpose of the MOA is to formalize the partnership, with an emphasis on defining the roles and responsibilities of the partners and alignment of their resources and services. The organization and functionality of the partnership should be structured such that it clarifies the commitment and investment among the partners.

The bottom line is to develop an agreement between core partners outlining what each will do and what each will bring to the table. Keep in mind; partnerships are created where there is mutual risk, reward for success, and failure. This should be considered a binding agreement empowering the partnership as a whole to create a value added organizational mechanism that can accomplish more together than as separate entities.

Following are major headings to consider in the development of an agreement between the partners to the MOA that outlines a model of collaboration and includes, but not limited to:

I. Introduction (A brief introductory paragraph describing the reason(s) for creating the skills partnership)

II. Purpose of the Agreement (Why the agreement is being created between partners)

III. Members of the Partnership (An identification of the parties to the agreement)

IV. Governance and Management (A description of the partnership’s governance model)

V. Responsibilities of Each Partner (Describes partner contributions to the organization)

  1. Joint Responsibilities (Body as a whole)
  2. Individual Responsibilities (Listed by partner name and describes what each partner agrees to bring to the partnership. May describe role, as well as physical, fiscal, and in-kind assets each promises to contribute)

VI. Sustainability plan (Describes how the organization will provide for funding beyond the planning grant)

VII. Branding (Describes how the organization will be known in the community)

VIII. MOA Review and Modification Provisions

IX. Effective Date and Term of the Agreement (Date specific, MOA beginning and term (length) of the agreement

X. Signatures Page (Each partner signs and dates)

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