Sample Strategic Plan

Sample strategic plans from sector intiatives:

Michigan Emerging Markets Skills Alliance for Tool & Die - Materials from this alliance outline not only the final strategic plan, but the process that the partnership used to develop the plan. 

South Central Pennsylvania Manufacturing Training Partnership (SCPMTP) Steering Committee - this plan is based on a four-part strategic planning process that is iterative and include strategizing, leading, grounding, and managing. Includes a concise SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and environmental scan of the "forces for change."

Greater Tulsa Healthcare Workforce - this plan has an extensive narrative section that identifies the issues and includes charts and graphs. It ends with identification of recommended actions.

Eastern Regional (Oklahoma) Healthcare Coalition - this straighforward plan gets straight to action, with strategies and short- and long-term action items across several goal areas.

Texoma Regional Consortium Healthcare Industry Plan - includes objectives and action items across several goal areas.