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Sample Industry Summit Materials

The Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Industry Partnership has held an annual industry summit towards its goal of transforming nursing education.

2010 Summit brochure and description
2011 Summit brochure

Sample Partnership Satisfaction Surveys

The Nursing industry partnership in Wyoming conducted a survey of members to assess satisfaction with project progress and board functioning.

Case Study: Manufacturing-Works Wyoming Industry Partnership

Meeting the Needs of the Manufacturing Industry

While the Wyoming manufacturing industry employs fewer than 20,000 people in the state, it is a small but vibrant sector. Sensing that the sector lacked a shared avenue for addressing needs and articulating issues and solutions with one voice, a manufacturing focused nonprofit with national ties decided in 2010 to convene private employers and other stakeholders to create such a forum, particularly related to the industry’s well documented skills gap.

Sample Survey Protocols

Southwest Oklahoma - This example from a health care industry initiative takes the form of a vacancy survey asking employers to identify current and projected needs in specific industries, and includes some background information on the initiative and an invitation to learn more. (The first page includes the outcomes of the survey, survey form is on the next two pages.)

Sample Notes from Employer Focus Groups

This document summarizes results from four employer focus groups in order to identify critical needs and proposed solutions across three categories - Education & Academics, Workforce Planning and Work Place.

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Sample Employer Questions for a Green Sector Initiative

The following are some framing questions used in interviews with employers about the potential for the "green" sector in the Kansas City area.

The Vision and Environment

1. Do you believe that the greater Kansas City area has the ability and political will to become a nationally known “Green” city or region? Why or why not?

2. Do you have any personal interest in seeing this region become a center of excellence for green practices, products, and policies? How might that kind of reputation benefit you, your industry, and our community?

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Developing and Engaging Business Champions

Although the target message is different (community colleges, rather than sector strategies), a report from a “Business Champions” project supported by the Lumina and Ford Foundations – Engaging Business Leaders as Partners in Community College Access and Success: A Practitioners Guide to Lessons Learned - presents relevant information in identifying five primary characteristics of business leaders who are likely to succeed in the Business Champions role.

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Sample Handout: What a Sector Partnership Can Do for You

A handout for employers at an industry roundtable, describing the sorts of issues and strategies that have been addressed by sector initiatives.

Sample Industry Roundtable PowerPoint

A real-life example of a PowerPoint presentation given at an Industry Roundtable. Includes data on the region for employers to react to, as well as an introduction to them about the concept of a Regional Skills Alliance (aka sector partnership).

Sample Letter of Invitation

A letter from a local workforce board convening a sector initiative, inviting manufacturing employers to attend an industry roundtable event.

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