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Sample Partnership Satisfaction Surveys

The Nursing industry partnership in Wyoming conducted a survey of members to assess satisfaction with project progress and board functioning.

Workforce Development Evaluation Toolkit for Busineses

This tool from the Center for Energy Workforce Development was created to help energy companies measure the impact of their workforce development activities. Most of this content would be applicable to companies in other industries as well.

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Sample Tracking Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet from Quest tracks particpation in training programs across partnership members.

Worksheet for Estimating Turnover Costs

This worksheet from PAROS group provides a method for calculating the hard and soft costs of employee turnover for a particular employer.


Balanced Scorecard Evaluation Template

This scorecard from M-Powered looks at results achieved across four perspectives: stakeholder, operational, financial and growth/innovation.

Evaluation Template Focusing on Worker Training

This template from Massachusett's Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund is highly-specific and very detailed, and focuses primarily on worker training measures.

Qualitative Evaluation Template

This simple, one-page model is flexible and completely qualitative.

State Sector Strategy Evaluation Framework

This framework was developed by a group of states involved in the NGA/CSW/NNSP project to accelerate state adoption of sector strategies. (See for more information.) It focuses on measures at the regional level that can be aggregated up to evaluate the success of the strategy as a whole, in addition to specific initiatives.


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Skill Panel Evaluation Template

This evaluation framework from WA measures evidence of progress, products and services, and impacts and outcomes across four dimensions - employers, employees, education and training providers and partnership effectiveness.


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