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Case Study: Eastern Colorado Wind Energy Partnership

Convened by the Eastern Colorado Workforce Region, the Eastern Colorado Wind Energy Partnership covers a 25 county area. This region of the state possesses optimal wind resources which offer substantial economic and job growth opportunities. However, there has been a lack of communication with the wind energy industry regarding the quality of the existing workforce in the region, and as a result most of the current workforce is imported from other states. In addition, current training opportunities in the area are limited.

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Case Study - Foothills Energy Partnership

The Foothills Energy Partnership (FEP) represents the culmination of several years of work to identify shared workforce issues among renewable energy companies. During the summer of 2009, Jefferson County Workforce Center (JCWFC) and Workforce Boulder County (WFBC) commissioned a study of renewable energy employers operating within their Workforce Investment regions with SECTORS planning grant funds.

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Case Study: Sacramento Energy Sector Partnership

The Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) received funding through the State Energy Sector Partnership and Training Grant (SESP) to build a sector strategy approach to addressing the region’s emerging clean energy workforce needs.

Case Study - 3 Rivers Clean Energy

3 Rivers Clean Energy is a Southwestern Pennsylvania coalition of companies and organizations interested in developing innovative solutions to the nation's energy needs. With strong support from the Pittsburgh foundation community, the coalition was founded to be a lean, agile, and flexible model for economic development and opportunity brokering in the area of clean energy.

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Case Study - Smart Energy Initiative

The Smart Energy Initiative (SEI) was launched in 2007 by the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  CCEDC had run a very successful industry partnership in information technology since 1999, and had extended that model to other industries following Pennsylvania’s promotion and funding of industry partnerships statewide.

Workforce Development Evaluation Toolkit for Busineses

This tool from the Center for Energy Workforce Development was created to help energy companies measure the impact of their workforce development activities. Most of this content would be applicable to companies in other industries as well.

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Sample Survey Protocols

Southwest Oklahoma - This example from a health care industry initiative takes the form of a vacancy survey asking employers to identify current and projected needs in specific industries, and includes some background information on the initiative and an invitation to learn more. (The first page includes the outcomes of the survey, survey form is on the next two pages.)

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