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performance measurement

Sample Tracking Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet from Quest tracks particpation in training programs across partnership members.

Sample Activity Reports

A sample quarterly activity report from the ADTEC program in Arkansas describes accomplishment to date and next steps for each of the program's priority areas.

A sample activity report from the Centralia Energy Skills Panel includes a scope of work with a timeline.

Worksheet for Estimating Turnover Costs

This worksheet from PAROS group provides a method for calculating the hard and soft costs of employee turnover for a particular employer.


Balanced Scorecard Evaluation Template

This scorecard from M-Powered looks at results achieved across four perspectives: stakeholder, operational, financial and growth/innovation.

Evaluation Template Focusing on Worker Training

This template from Massachusett's Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund is highly-specific and very detailed, and focuses primarily on worker training measures.

Qualitative Evaluation Template

This simple, one-page model is flexible and completely qualitative.

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